EPMH - Folk Saint of La Frontera - Teresita Urrea

Saturday, Apr 1, 2017 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
El Paso Museum of History
510 N. Santa Fe
El Paso, Texas 79901

History Talk: Folk Saint of La Frontera: Teresita Urrea

Given by Dr. Yolanda Chávez Leyva, an associate professor of history at UTEP and director of the Institute of Oral History and the Borderlands Public History Lab. Dr. Leyva will talk about Teresita Urrea, known as la Santa de Cabora, was an internationally renowned curandera or tradition healer. Following her expulsion from Mexico, she moved to El Paso in 1896. This lecture will explore the life of Teresita as well as the concept of a "folk saint." People, both historically and today, claim the right to define what and who is holy and folk saints like Teresita bridge the human and the divine. Information: 915-212-3163.