EPMArch - Community Lecture Series - Obsidian in the Casas Grandes World and Beyond

Saturday, Sep 9, 2017 - Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017 2:00 PM
El Paso Museum of Archaeology
4301 Transmountain
El Paso, Texas 79924

Community Lecture Series: Obsidian in the Casas Grandes World and Beyond

By Sean G. Dolan, Ph.D. – 2017 Lecture Series

2:00 PM – El Paso Museum of Archaeology

Abstract: There is debate among archaeologists concerning the scope and scale of contact between Casas Grandes groups in northwestern Chihuahua with groups in the Mimbres, Animas, and Jornada regions of southern New Mexico from AD 1200-1450. Ceramics and architecture are usually studied to examine relationships, but obsidian source procurement has not played as large a role in reconstructing social interaction. Using new obsidian sourcing data, I discuss how there were varying levels of regional integration and exchange.

Dr. Dolan is an archaeologist and postdoctoral research associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He received his Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Oklahoma (2016), Master’s in anthropology at New Mexico State University (2011), and Bachelor’s in history and anthropology at Penn State University (2007). His current research examines long- and short-distance social interaction using obsidian sourcing data. He is also in the process of writing a context document on small, one- to three-room fieldhouse structures located on the Pajarito Plateau.