The Public Art Program for the City of El Paso was adopted by City Council in 2006 as the effort to integrate public artworks throughout the City of El Paso. The Public Art Ordinance sets aside 2%from every Capital Improvement Project budget for the acquisition of art for municipal property. Since its inception, the Public Art Program has strived to offer our local communities and neighborhoods insight, repose, delight and a distinctive sense of place in an effort to achieve the following Public Art Program goals:

- Enhance the quality of life of residents                                           

- Support creative and professional growth of the arts community 

- Support economic growth 

- Enhance the experience visitors have of El Paso 

- Promote  authentic images of El Paso as a unique place, community and destination. 


The mission of the Public Art Program is to commission and maintain a diverse collection of public artworks; support the inclusion of public art in private development and infrastructure built by others; promote the community's access to, appreciation of and enjoyment of visual art; and supports the emergence of public art practice in El Paso.

Public Art Committee

Public Art Master Plan 

Public Art Tour Brochure  Updated Version! 

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Public Art Opportunities

Please visit the Opportunities page to learn more about opportunities available through the Public Art Program.